Cure Your Dental Phobia With Us Forever Today !

We here are the leading site in helping you understand that the fear of dentists first of all is far from uncommon with a UK study recently revealing that as much as 53% of us suffer from some type of phobia or anxiety at the thought of our regular check ups or a more substantial treatment like tooth removal.

We will lay out the five main things to be aware of when it comes to the road to freedom from fear. From possible symptoms of dental phobia to how is the best way to go about vanquishing them to ways we can provide support and advice so you know (regardless of your partner and friends who may not fully appreciate the severity of such a phobia) YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

First the symptoms that you may suffer from to varying levels of seriousness Symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea and dry mouth
  • Lack of sleep before appointment
  • Elevated blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Heart racing (tachycardia)
  • Feeling of suffocation
  • Fainting/ lightheadedness

Now all of these symptoms may not apply and will vary on gravity depending on each person but it’s very important to remember these are normal for sufferers of dental phobia and you must stay calm, practice breathing slowly through the nose and stay relaxed. It can easily become a vicious circle if you tense up and that adds to the nerves and vice versa.

Now the very possible consequences of not receiving dental treatment:

  • Teeth discolouration and plaque build up
  • Painful toothache
  • Tooth removal
  • Dreaded bad breath (halitosis)

Of course we understand here at it’s easier said than done just getting up and going to the mad drilling dentist (my personal image as a terrified 8 year old(he was actually a really nice guy by the way haha)) but I know from experience, that after carrying my fear through to adulthood and letting a very bad infection linger in one of my teeth that led to incredible pain, the consequences of letting the phobias symptoms preventing me from seeing the lovely old driller(sorry, bad habit!)

Understanding The Origins Of Your Dental Phobia

The facts out of the way, now is the beginning of the end of your prison of dread. Understanding the origins and nature of your phobia is where every person must start, no matter which phobia you suffer from. Be it the first time you went to the dentist and the sounds of drills and mouth vacuums or a B movie horror you watched through a crack in your parents door, realising the origin allows you to overcome the phobia easier.

How We Can Help You

A group of us started this website after simply talking about our fears to friends and others until we slowly realised that many more people suffer from dental phobia than we first thought. We wanted to open up that conversation with as many people as possible so like us, you can vanquish the anxiety and begin to have a nice shiny set of healthy teeth and gums like our office has now! Therefore, we offer a wide range of suggestions and practices to help via email and phone support or forums and articles.


You’ve made the first step to liberation from fear and just know there is now hope for you and those mouth treatments you have been procrastinating about. For more information on how to continue the process, find a list of dentists in your area and contact details, please visit our website. SMILE!