Crowns and Bridges

We offer the following CAD-CAM manufactured Crowns and Bridges:

    Porcelain fused to metal



    Lava Metal-free – Emax

    In-ceram, etc

    At Magical Smiles Dental Clinic, Bhandup West, patients are dealt with under
    condition of-workmanship. Patients can likewise get benefit of Immediate Dentures.

    Your First Dentures May Be Immediate Dentures: After the staying, undesirable TEETH have been evacuated, the dental apparatus is pre-made and set straightforwardly. This disposes of the feared edentulous appearance in the mouth.

The other positive elements that quick denture give are:

    May help heal a little quicker

    May help keeping the extraction sites free from getting food and infectious material from reaching the susceptible open sockets.

    May help reducing pain

    May help you to learn get used to and use the caps somewhat prior, as opposed to sit tight for the mending time in the customary configuration. Here a patient would then be utilized to the void of the absolutely edentulous mouth and would then clearly need to make the important feel and phonetic corrections to talk, stylish facial changes and sensational practical adjustment to bite and eat as most ideal.

A cap serves as an artificial cover on the tooth. It is generally required:

    On a Root-Canal treated tooth

    On a horribly destructed or washed-out tooth

    To close holes between teeth for tasteful appearance, and so on

    To supplant a missing tooth with support of tops on nearby firm teeth as a Bridge.

    Tops are accessible in different materials i.e.

Metal Caps

    Porcelain/Ceramic melded to Metal Caps – external tooth-shaded porcelain covering on an internal metal adapting

Zirconia Caps

    – a tooth hued material that can be utilized as a part of place of dull metal for the internal adapting making it an absolutely tooth-shaded top; subsequently giving it a vastly improved normal appearance without trading off on the usefulness.