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Dental essentials tips

Here are some dental hygiene tips to ensure that you always you maintain good healthy, white teeth.

  • Brush your mouth properly.
  • Pick the Right Brush
  • Use a mouth wash
  • Floss regularly.
  • Clean your brush
  • Change your brush
  • Use a toungue scraper
  • Ensure that your diet is teeth-friendly.
  • Limit intake of sodas and alcohol.
  • Visit the dentist regularly.
  • Leave a little fluoride in your mouth before bedtime.

Below are few myths of Dental – Care which you should not believe

Extraction of a tooth can lead to loss of vision!

If it was true, you would had been blind since childhood.

Cleaning of teeth by the dentist leads to loss of enamel leading to sensitivity of teeth in the future

If you dont clean, you may loose your teeth in long run, due to germs and eatables stored in between your teeth. You may get sensitivity for a day after clenaing your teeth, but gradually it become normal, as the tool doesnot touches enamel in any case.

One must not brush my teeth if my gums bleed.

If your gums are bleeeding, visit your dentist. It generally happens due to using of hard brushes.

Dental treatments are extremely painful!

Not really because of the local anesthetic and advanced technology, treatments are faster and less painful.