Cosmetic Dentistry, Why Is It Even a Thing?

As we know, humans have always tried to find newer ways to look good and more appealing in front of other beings. Dentistry is also a field affected by human being’s that desire. People also want to make their mouths look cleaner, their smiles whiter and shinier and their teeth perfectly aligned.

Cosmetic Dentistry includes making these desires of people come to reality. Cosmetic Dentistry includes many things like making the teeth of the people whiter, aligning the teeth properly. It focuses on the aesthetic part more than the functional aspect of the mouth.

Cosmetic dentistry is a growing industry and is on a boom at this point of time as more and more people want to make their smile more beautiful. Although as of now, cosmetic dentistry is not a field by itself and does not include any special training, some dentists refer themselves as cosmetic dentists.

Is It Worth It or Just a Gimmick?

Cosmetic dentistry is more of a marketing term than a proper functional field. Because the things it includes are all related to the appearance rather than the functionality. Like making your teeth whiter has no use in their functionality as long as they are clean, but a whiter smile means that the appeal of your smile in front of other people will be greater. it will add more charm to your face.

Moreover, if your teeth are in bad shape naturally, it may not affect eating but if your teeth are properly aligned, they will look good and symmetrical to others. If there are gaps between your teeth, it may not affect the cleanliness of your mouth but since that may not look good and appealing, fixing it can make your smile nicer.

Cosmetic Dentistry has many techniques to fix the aesthetic aspect of your smile. These include whitening, reshaping, bonding, bridging, veneers, implants, gum lift and straightening. You can find all of these services at

Reshaping includes the shaping of the tooth that may have been out of shape previously due to chipping out of some part of the tooth. Bonding is used to fill the cavity by some enamel-like material to make the teeth of the patient look more complete. Bridging is used to fill the missing teeth from both sides of teeth by making a bridge-like structure. Veneers are used to fill the gaps between the teeth. Implanting is a technique in which missing tooth is replaced by a prepared cosmetic tooth. Gum lift involves reshaping the tissue and/or underlying bones to create the appearance of longer or more symmetrical teeth. Straightening is the procedure in which the unsymmetrical teeth are made symmetrical by braces.

Do All Dentist Do Cosmetic Dentistry?

If we take a look at the things and the tasks performed by a cosmetic dentist, it is clear that all these procedures do not involve any specific or any exclusive procedure besides the aesthetic part. All these things can be done by an experienced dentist.

The reason why something like cosmetic dentistry exists is that this is the age of marketing and the world is trying to make everything marketable. Everyone wants to sell you a service and to do that they use new marketing terms. Cosmetic Dentistry is such an example of that. All the things that are covered in cosmetic dentistry are the things that every dentist learns during his/her training but these days we see the term cosmetic dentist more often.

Whitening is a procedure that requires tools that every normal dentist has, bridging, bonding all these things that are categorized under cosmetic dentistry are covered under normal dentistry and can be done by a normal dentist. So why need a so-called specialist for something when it can be done by any dentist?

Marketing has a major task of pulling more and more money out of your pockets and they try to find every possible way to do so. It is you who has to decide what is suitable for you, what you need, how much you should spend. As a smart buyer, you must know what is meant for you and what is not.