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Parental Guide to Common Sports Dental Injury

No one in the world will understand the love of parents that they have for their child. It is a mysterious feeling, which one can only understand when they become a parent themselves. Parents are the caretaker or caregiver, who will do anything to protect the most precious one in their lives i.e. their child or children. But there are times when the most protective parent cannot prevent injuries that harm their child. You can consult a Children’s dentist in that case before sending your child to any sports event.

Dental Injuries while Playing Sports:

Before guiding parents on how to avoid their child from having dental injuries, you must know the kinds of injuries they are and the sports behind the cause.

The sports that can knock out several teeth are:

1. Soccer
2. Hockey
3. Baseball
4. Rugby
5. Basketball

This means that 50% of sports injuries are related to the mouth, which can affect the overall appearance of the child. So if your child is into the above-mentioned sports, then you should be prepared for injuries to the teeth.

Fractured Teeth

This is the most common dental injury that happens while play sports. If your child plays rugby, he is pushed and falls on the ground; this can cause a fracture in the tooth. You must look into the type of fractured teeth that you are dealing with.

This includes;
1. Split tooth
2. Crack extending into the gums
3. Vertical root fracture
4. Craze line
5. Fractured cusp

Sometimes the teeth damage is not visible to the naked eye, so you need to ask your child if he/she are experiencing the following symptoms:

1. Acute response to hot, sweet and cold items.
2. Swelled tooth and gums.
3. Constant revolving pain.
4. Agony in biting and chewing.

When your child is experiencing a fractured tooth, you must immediately go to an orthodontist, such as Pediatric Dentist Tulsa. A cracked tooth cannot be healed 100% but it can be mended temporarily.

Soft Tissue Damages

Soft tissues in your mouth are the most sensitive part because they contain blood vessels, so you need to protect them as they can affect your ability to eat, swallow and taste. The soft tissues in the mouth include; lips, tongue, cheeks, and gums.

The child can experience the following after the injury;
1. Pain that continuous and becomes intense.
2. Sensitivity towards chewing and reaction to hot and cold foods or beverages.
3. Fever can develop.
4. The lymph nodes beneath the neck and jaw will swallow.
5. A bad taste and smell can fill the mouth.

What should you do if your child suffers from soft tissue damage? Here are some steps that can

temporarily stop the bleeding and pain;

1. If the bleeding is in small amount then you can wash the injured part with water and soap.
2. If the bleeding is constant then you can apply pressure on the wound with a clean cloth.
3. An ice pack will relieve your child from the pain.
It is important that you immediately visit pediatric dental services to prevent further damage to the tissues.

Displacement of the Tooth

During many sports, your child’s tooth can loosen from the place. This can result in the total loss of the tooth. You should be careful to note the condition of the tooth. If the tooth is a little out of place then don’t try to pull it out, it may cause damage to the gums. It is highly recommended that you go to a doctor who can treat it in the best possible way.
1. He will take an x-ray to deeply look into the damage.
2. Saline solution is used for cleaning before repositioning the tooth.
3. If the damage is extensive then the dentist may administer anesthesia.

4. He will reposition the tooth gently in the socket.
5. Resin or wire composition is used to keep the tooth in place.
6. Revisit the dentist to keep follow-ups and progress of the tooth.

Losing the Tooth

Another dental injury that your child can experience is tooth loss and if your child is preparing
to become a hockey player then it is most likely that in near future he/she will lose a tooth.
What do you need to do if your child has lost a tooth?
1. As your child has lost a primary tooth, so never implant a tooth on it because it will
eventually grow back.
2. Don’t panic, it will cause the blood to rush from your body.
3. Wash the area with water, saline, milk or saliva.
4. Apply pressure if the bleeding is constant.

Precautions to Take While playing

You can always take precautions when your child is going to play any type of sports. There are a few things you can keep with you or in your child’s backpack to be used while playing. They are important to avoid any dental injury.
First, make sure that your child is hydrated i.e. takes lots of liquid. But these must be healthy ones. The American Academy of Pediatrics concluded that the majority of the sports drinks are the cause of tooth decay, as it contains citric acid and a high level of corn syrup. The second that you can do is to provide your child with a mouth guard or a caged helmet that will protect you from many dental injuries.
By following simple precautions you can avoid any dental injury of your child or you can consult pediatric dental group to get further information.